About Us

Rohit Industries Group (P) Ltd (RIGPL) has been on the vanguard in the field of HSS Cutting Tools & Solid Carbide Cutting Tools industry. We have been serving the Cutting Tools industry for almost five decades. The company started its operations in the year 1963 under the visionary leadership of Mr. K.L Duggal who has taken this company from meagre resources to a well renowned house in Cutting Tools.

We at RIGPL offer High Speed Steel (HSS) Cutting Tools in following shapes – HSS Square Tool Bits, HSS Rectangular tool bits, HSS Round tool bits, HSS Punches, HSS Cut-off blades or Parting Tools, HSS Drill blanks, HSS Knovoid blade blanks, HSS End Mills, HSS Center Drills, HSS Drills, HSS Taps and various HSS customized cutting tools.

Rohit brand offers wide variety of Solid Carbide End Mills, Ball Nose, Drills, Reamers, Centre Drills & Router Bits for just about any application. Rohit End Mill ranges from standard to long, short, double end, high helix especially for aluminium machining, long neck, tapered, left-hand end mills & ball nose.

RIGPL is also dedicated in manufacturing finest quality Solid Carbide Drills (General purpose or High Performance), Solid Carbide Reamers, Solid Carbide Combination Drills, Solid Carbide Step Drills, Solid Carbide Center Drill Bits, and Solid Carbide Router Bits to solve any of your prevailing Cutting Tools problem.



Setup of RIGPL at Delhi and inaugurated by Ex-PM of India Mr. A.B Vajpayee


Setup of Modernised Delhi Plant with In-house Heat Treatment


Setup of Bahadurgarh, Haryana Plant & further modernisation of Heat Treatment setup to provide best in class HSS Tooling.


SOP for HSS Round Tool Bits & HSS Drill Blanks to cater to the need of small cutting tool manufacturers for making special tools.


SOP for HSS Punches, HSS Die Buttons to cater to the need of Press Tools & Die-Mould Industry.


Further Modernisation of Heat Treatment Plant to further enhance the quality of HSS Cutting Tools manufactured by RIGPl.


Setup of 6-Axis CNC Tool & Cutter Production Facility at Bahadurgarh, Plant for Carbide End Mills.


Setup of further CNC machines setup & SOP for Solid Carbide Drills


SOP for Solid Carbide Reamers and Centre Drills


SOP of High Performance Carbide End Mills & High Performance Carbide Drills to cater to ever growing need of RIGPL brand of Carbide High Performance Cutitng Tools.


Range of Economical line of Carbide End Mills for Woodworking Industry.


Further High Performance Tooling development especially for machining Aerospace materials & Medical Industry materials like SUS, Titanium, Nickel Based Alloys.


SOP for Carbide TiGeR Drills to cater to the high productivity needs of Automotive & Aerospace industry.


SOP for HSS Taps & HSS Drills to cater to ever growing demand of RIGPL brand of HSS Cutting Tools.


Setup of New CNC Plant for Export purpose with Hi-tech technology


SOP for Premium quality HSS Wire Feed Rollers for Spring Industry

Meet the Team

Late Sh. Keshav Lal Duggal

Started RIGPL in 1963, with vision of providing world class cutting tools.

Rohit Duggal

With more than 30+ years of technical experience in Cutting Tools, Mr. Rohit leads the way as MD of RIGPL & taking RIGPL to zenith of Cutting Tool Industry.

Rahul Duggal

With more than 30+ years experience of Cutting Tools & his energetic approach has taken RIGPL to where it stands today in Cutting Tool world. He with his dynamic & energetic approach heads Sales & Marketing at RIGPL.


Metallurgist from I.I.T Kanpur & Finance degree from I.I.M.S Kolkata & over 15+years of Cutting Tools experience; Mr. Anshuman with his vision & practical approach he heads the R&D & Finance at RIGPL.


Electrical Engineer from D.C.E, Delhi and more than 10+years of Cutting Tools experience, Mr. Aditya heads the Finance & Export at RIGPL.


B.Sc graduate from D.U and more than 10+years of Cutting Tools experience, Mr. Anuj looks after the Sales & Marketing at RIGPL.


Mechanical Engineer from D.C.E, Delhi and more than 10+years of Cutting Tools experience, Mr. Abhinav looks after the Customer's Application at RIGPL.