At Rohit Cutting Tools India, we manufacture Carbide Radius End Mills in 2-Flute, 4-Flute, 6-Flute up to 10 flutes as in Toroid Cutters for varied types of material machining ranging from Aluminum, MS, Alloy Steel, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel (SUS), Hardened Steel machining up to 70HRc, Inconel, Titanium and other Exotic materials.
  • Carbide Radius end mills with radius as small as 0.2mm up to 10.0R can be provided.
  • All these Carbide Radius end mills are manufactured in our UMG carbide grain
  • You can choose from 1000s of items ranging from Radius End Mills for High Production runs, Radius End Mills for Die & Mold application, Radius End Mills for General Purpose milling

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Solid Carbide Radius End Mills 3X

  • Ultra Micro Fine Grain (UMG) Carbide Substrate
  • Carbide Radius End Mills produced from this substrate are meant for High Performance Milling applications Series Like 330, 333, 321 etc falls in this category of series.
  • These Carbide Radius End Mills will improve your productivity many-folds and reduce your Cost Per Component (CPC) in comparison to 1X Grade of Carbide End Mills.

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