Lathe Tools or more commonly known as white bits / tool bits  manufactured at RIGPL in Flat / Rectangular shape or commonly called as
ROHIT Flat Lathe Tool Bits. These Tool bits are manufactured in varying HSS material grades ranging from HSS M2 or SKH51, HSS M35 or SKH55, HSS M42 or SKH59, HSS T42 or SKH57 grades.

  1. Micro-structure is checked for consistency of tool bits batches going out of RIGPL warehouse,
  2. Hardness of each HSS Tool bit is tested to match our world class quality standards,
  3. Our HSS Cutting Tools can withstand any type of difficult cutting application known,
  4. Our 3X ( or T42) grade is especially meant for machining SS, harder alloy Steels & harder Cast Irons,
  5. Flat Tool Bits comes with 0* End Bevel Angles , but on special requirement or drawings bevel angles are provided,
  6. Standard tolerance of h12 is followed for all our tool bits, specific tolerance can be manufactured on request.

More than 15000+ sizes of Flat HSS Tool bits are in stock and you can check the same online. Below are different HSS Tool Bits grades with their complete specifications, availability & prices mentioned choose from.