RIGPL manufacturers Carbide Reamers or Machine Reamers for maintaining prrecise hole size & superior finishing. RIGPL manufacturers following 3 types of Machine Reamers to cater to reaming needs of manufacturing industry to work on CNC, VMC, HMC & other SPM machines. 

  • Straight Flute Carbide Machine Reamer (C1RS Series)
    • Suitable for blind hole application
    • Suitable for moderately hard materials
  • LHS / RHC Carbide Machine Reamer (C1RL Series)
    • Helical flutes with 7* Helix Angle
    • Suitable for Hard materials like Steel, SS etc..
    • Better finish
    • Better tolerance & feed control
    • Used only in Through hole application
  • RHS / RHC Carbide Machine Reamer (C1RR series)
    • Helical flutes with 7* Helix Angle
    • Suitable for Aluminum & free cutting materials
    • Blind Hole applications
All RIGPL manufactured, Carbide Machine Reamers comes with following additional features: 
  • 45* degree Lead Angle to protect the edge & provide smooth cutting. 
  • Coating to elongate the life of Carbide Machine Reamers
  • Standard H7 Tolerance is provided, for more stringent tolerances contact us.