High Performance Carbide Drills

High Performance Carbide Drills 
  • C3HS Carbide Drill series meant for 3 L/D to 5 L/D machining depths : Our testing results shows that C3HS can reduce the CPC by at least 30-50% in your Drilling application. 
  • C3HL Carbide Drill series meant for 5 L/D to 8 L/D machining depths : Results show approximately 30-50% reduction in CPC with our new C3HS or C3HL Carbide Drills from the other competitors in the market.
Features of HP Carbide Drills
  • Superior Design clubbed with UMG (Ultra Fine carbide grain size),
  • Newly developed NOVA coating,
  • Works at faster feed & speed rates then never before,
  • Improves productivity & achieves unmatched Life
  • Less than 10-microns Run-Out
TiGeR Carbide Drills
  • TiGeR Carbide Drills are manufactured in both coolant & non-coolant options, 
  • TiGeR Carbide Drills will increase your productivity to new level while drilling in CI upto 400BHN, Alloy steel, SS, Titanium, Nickel Alloys & other difficult to machine materials,
  • TiGeR Carbide Drills comes with Super Finish on the surface for smoother chip evacuation, 
  • Every TiGeR Carbide Drills is hand made with precision honing on its cutting edge, 
  • Smoother & tighter tolerances holes are achieved, 
  • TiGeR Carbide Drills is only available drilling Solution to all type of Drilling problems like intermittent, deep-hole, blind hole & other type of drilling applications.
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