RIGPL manufactures Coolant Fed Carbide Drills or also known as Through coolant Carbide Drills; as the name suggests these Carbide Drills comes with the 2 or 3 Helical Coolant holes depending upon customer request.

  • RIGPL's Carbide Coolant Fed Carbide Drills is only available drilling Solution to all type of Drilling problems like intermittent, deep-hole, blind hole & other type of drilling applications.
  • Carbide Coolant Fed Drills will increase your productivity to new level while drilling in CI upto 400BHN, Alloy steel, SS, Titanium, Nickel Alloys & other difficult to machine materials,
  • Carbide Drills comes with Super Finish on the surface for smoother chip evacuation, 
  • Smoother & tighter tolerances holes are achieved,
  • Reaming is minimized with the stiffer tolerances are achieved with RIGPL's Coolant Fed Carbide Drills.

CTHS-Steel-Coolant Fed Solid Carbide Drills-Short-Metric

  • These Coolant Fed Carbide Drill Bits have new chip curling design to enable chip breakage
  • At least 15-Bar of Coolant Pressure is recommended for best of use of these Carbide Drills
  • These Coolant Fed Carbide Drill Bits are best suited for drilling MS, Alloy Steel, Cast Iron up to 450BHN, Stainless Steel
  • These Coolant Fed Carbide Drill bits comes with Edge Chamfer & edge preparation for longer drill life
  • These Carbide Cutting Tools Comes with newly developed NOVA Coating for higher Vc and Feed rates to improve your productivity

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CTHL-Steel-Coolant Fed Solid Carbide Drills-Long-Metric

CTHL-Steel-Coolant Fed Solid Carbide Drills-Long-Metric

More details