Heat Treatment of HSS Tools

Rohit Cutting Tools has been in business of Heat Treatment of HSS Cutting Tools for our customers since the past 50 years. Our heat treatment facilities are one of the best in the world which includes all electric arc furnaces. With our past experiences, we have devised several new ways to achieve optimum hardness and wear resistance for High Speed Steel. The heat treatment cycle which typically takes around 4~5 days for HSS is undertaken under the supervision of our highly trained engineers and workman.

Following HSS Materials are heat treated

  • M2, M35, M42,M6, T42, T1, T4, T6, ASP2030, ASP2052, ASP2060 and many other High Speed Steels.

Heat Treatment-Equipment

  • Pre-Heating/ Stress Relieving Furnace
  • Austenitizing Furnace
  • Infra-red based temperature probes
  • Thermocouple based temperature probes
  • Mar-Quenching Furnace
  • Salt Tempering Furnace

Pricing for Heat Treatment

  • Simplified pricing on all heat treatment of your HSS Cutting Tools,
  • Quick turn-around times,
  • Contract pricing is also available on request for HSS Tools
  • Quality assurance: Your cutting tools will be Heat Treated with 60+ years of experience behind them ; so you need not worry.

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