Rohit Industries has been in business of Heat Treatment Services for our customers since the past 50 years. Our heat treatment facilities are one of the best in the world which includes all electric arc furnaces. With our past experiences, we have devised several new ways to achieve optimum hardness and wear resistance for High Speed Steel. The heat treatment cycle which typically takes around 4~5 days for HSS is undertaken under the supervision of our highly trained engineers and workman.
We have the capacity to heat treat the following materials in HSS:
M2, M35, M42,M6, T42, T1, T4, T6, ASP2030, ASP2052, ASP2060 and many other HSS and other alloys.
Heat Treatment-Equipment

Our heat treatment equipment includes:
Pre Heating/ Stress Relieving Furnace

The pre heating process is a vital process before the actual austenitizing of HSS, since this process reduces the stresses caused due to introduction to such high temperatures. The pre heating or the stress relieving process ensures that the HSS does not become brittle after the austenitizing process. The High Speed Steel is first treated at temperatures of around 800˚C (~1500˚F) so as to reduce the stresses in the HSS. The HSS material is then after keeping it at 800˚C (~1500˚F) is introduced to the Austenitizing furnace. We have 5 pre-heating or stress relieving furnaces which have a size of 800mm x 800mm.
Austenitizing Furnace

Our austenitizing furnace is the heart of the heat treatment process and has the capability to reach temperature of about 1300 ˚C (~2400˚F). The process of austenitizing is the most important process in the proper heat treatment of High Speed Steel and the temperature of this furnace is controlled by automatic temperature controllers which get their inputs from two types of temperature probes:
a.    Infra-red based temperature probes
b.    Thermocouple based temperature probes

The size limit of our austenitizing furnace is 200 mm x 450mm.

Mar-Quenching Furnace

To improve the life and optimize the hardness of High Speed steel we utilize the process of Mar-Quenching which is the best suggested method for the heat treatment of HSS. This process is basically introducing the HSS material into a salt of around 650˚C (~1200˚F) right after the austenitizing cycle has been completed. This process is much more beneficial for the life of HSS than the traditional Oil Quenching which has the tendency to introduce hair-line cracks inside the material thereby decreasing its life. The size of this furnace is 350mm x 500mm. This furnace is again an electrically fired furnace which is much cleaner than other means of furnace firing.

Salt Tempering Furnace

The tempering cycle is the longest process in the Heat treatment cycle of HSS. This cycle includes taking HSS material from room temperature to the tempering temperature and keeping it there for at least 1 hour. The tempering cycle is repeated 3 times for HSS and our tempering furnaces have a size of 800mm x 800mm and their operating temperature range is 500˚C(~900˚F) to 650˚C(~1200˚F). These furnaces have air as medium of heat and to improve the efficiency and temperature distribution of these furnaces forced air circulation is used wherein air at high pressure is circulated in these furnaces so as to have optimum temperature distribution inside the furnace.
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