RIGPL manufactures & exports HSS Drill Bits in M2 (~SKH51) grade in DIN338 Standard, our HSS Drill Bits comes with following unmatched features:
  • Self Centering Drill Bit Point for better size control,
  • 4-Facet Drill Bit point design for better HSS Drill Bits life then the competition can provide,
  • 4-Facet Drill Bit Point helps in removing the use of Spotting Drills; thus helping you reduce cycle time & tooling costs,
  • Unmatched precise hardness (HRc) to provide long lasting Drill life
  • These Drill Bits are manufactured in HSS AISI M2 Grade or SKH51 grade, 
  • RIGPL's HSS Drills comes in Diameter range from 1mm to 13mm in DIN 338 Standard.