RIGPL manufactures Engraving bits in both HSS & Solid Carbide Materials. These engraving bits are manufactured with following salient features:

  • Engraving bits application can be as varied from machining in wood working for furniture engraving to marble engraving to engraving letter on automotive dies etc.
  • RIGPL manufactured Engraving bits comes with Included angle ranging from 10* to 90* as per customer requirement.
  • These engraving bits are single point cutting tools to provide as small as 0.2mm point machining on dies or on wood carving.
  • Carbide Engraving bits are manufactured in MG, SMG & UMG carbide grain materials.
  • HSS Engraving bits can be manufactured in 1X, 2X or 3X grades as per customer request.
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