107-1-Flute-GP-ALU-Solid Carbide Single Flute Router Bits-Metric

  • Single Flute Carbide Router bits for machining Aluminum, Wood, Teak, Hard-Wood etc.
  • These are Upcut Single Flute Router bits best for machining Non-ferrous materials
  • These General Purpose Router Bits are optimised for shorter production runs; for longer production runs you can request for 300+ series Router Bits for higher performance.
  • Inch sizes & Downcut Single Flute Router Bits are also manufactured on request

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118-2-Flute GP-0X Solid Carbide Straight Flute End Mills for Hard Wood-Metric

  • These are Straight Fluted Carbide Router bits for machining Hardwood, Softwood, Teak, MDF etc.
  • Straight Fluted Router Bits comes with special cutting edge geometry to give you best finish on your Wooden Jobs
  • Good Economical Router bits then Upcut or Downcut router bits for all your General Wooden Work
  • Better choice when upward or downward force is not desirable on your router jobs
  • Smaller Sizes also known as veining router bits which can be used for fine wood carving with your router and other delicate work.

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114-2-Flute GP-0X Carbide Compression or Up-Down Cut Router Bits-Metric

  • These are Up-Down Cut Router Bits or most Commonly called Compression Router Bits
  • Compression Router Bits prevent Delamination of top and bottom surfaces hence gives you cleaner cuts
  • Compression bits prevents chipping of Bottom & Top surfaces thus preventing losses
  • These Router Bits can be used for MDF, Wood, Laminates, ACP etc.

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119-Carbide CNC Engraving Router Bits-Metric

  • Solid carbide Engraving bits comes in half round shape with a conical tip
  • These Engraving Cutter or Engraving Bits comes in a range of angles like 20 degree, 30 degree, 45 degree & 60 degree.
  • Best for engraving applications on Wood, Plastics, Acrylics, Brass, Aluminium, Copper etc.
  • For harder materials like Steel, SS you can opt for our 219 Series Engraving Bits.
  • These Engraving bits comes in varied shank sizes like 3mm, 3.175 (1/8"), 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm etc.
  • Engraving bit tip diameters range from 0.10mm to 0.40mm ; so for your delicate Engraving work Opt for these Bits.

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