High Performance Carbide Drills

Rohit Cutting Tools India manufactures High Performance Carbide Drills to machine materials like Alloy Steel, Cast Iron. Stainless Steel, Titanium & Nickel Alloys & other harder to machine materials. You can go through our Drilling Case Studies by following link here for drilling applications

High Performance Carbide Drills

  • C3HS Carbide Drills series meant for drilling in 3 L/D to 5 L/D hole depths : Our testing results shows that C3HS Carbide Drills Series can reduce Tooling cost per component (CPC) by at least 30-50% in your CNC Drilling applications. For Test Results you can view Case Studies on our High Performance Carbide Drills below.
  • C3HL Carbide Drills series meant for drilling in deeper hole depths i.e. 5 L/D to 8 L/D ; We provide Solid Carbide Drilling up to L/D of 15 to provide you best quality drills to solve your Most Difficult Drilling problems.

Features of High Performance Solid Carbide Drills

  • Carbide Drills' Superior Flute Form + Design + Honing clubbed with UMG (Ultra Fine carbide grain size) results in Peak Performance for your Carbide Drilling applications in most difficult to drill materials.
  • Our Carbide Drills comes with Newly developed NOVA coating or PEROX coating
  • Works at faster feed & speed rates then ever before,
  • Improves productivity & achieves unmatched Life

Contact Us Today to reduce your Drilling costs with our new C3HS, CTHS series Solid Carbide Drills.

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Coolant Fed Carbide Drills

RIGPL manufactures Coolant Fed Carbide Drills or also known as Through coolant Carbide Drills; as the name suggests these Carbide Drills comes with the 2 or 3 Helical Coolant holes depending upon customer request.


  • RIGPL's Carbide Coolant Fed Carbide Drills is only available drilling Solution to all type of Drilling problems like intermittent, deep-hole, blind hole & other type of drilling applications.
  • Carbide Coolant Fed Drills will increase your productivity to new level while drilling in CI upto 400BHN, Alloy steel, SS, Titanium, Nickel Alloys & other difficult to machine materials,
  • Carbide Drills comes with Super Finish on the surface for smoother chip evacuation, 
  • Smoother & tighter tolerances holes are achieved,
  • Reaming is minimized with the stiffer tolerances are achieved with RIGPL's Coolant Fed Carbide Drills.

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Carbide Center Drill

RIGPL manufacturers & exports Carbide Centre Drills A-Type with following salient features:
  • Manufactured in both BS328 & DIN333 standards,
  • Coating also available on request,
  • Made from Micro-Fine Carbide Grade,
  • Carbide Center Drills comes with 118* Point angle
  • Carbide Center Drills comes with varied chamfer angles of 45* / 60* or as per customer request or drawings


  • RIGPL make center drills are used in Automotive, Aerospace & other manufacturing industry
  • Center Drills are used for providing centering holes on shafts faces, so to hold them between centers for other CNC job work.

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General Purpose Carbide Drills

RIGPL manufacturers Carbide Drills for General purpose (GP) Drilling applications.

GP Carbide Drills Series available with RIGPL
  • C1GS series is Carbide Drills Stub length series as per BS 328
  • C1GJ series is Carbide Drills Jobber Length series as per DIN 338
  • For difficult to drill materials like Alloy Steel, SS, Titanium, Nickel Alloys we recommend High Performance Carbide Drill Series
  • For higher production rates & for production jobs we recommend High Performance Carbide Drill series

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