Solid Carbide Rohit 1X Nova Coated High Performance (HP)Square or Flat End Mill For Stainless Steel FØ:11 FL:30 SØ:11 OAL:75 Z=4 C222

S/C Rohit 1X Nova HP-Flat End Mill SUS FØ:11 FL:30 SØ:11 OAL:75 Z=4 C222

Material Solid Carbide
Brand Rohit
Material Grade 1X
Special Treatment Nova Coated
Purpose High Performance (HP)
Type of Tool Square or Flat End Mill
Best Suited For Material For Stainless Steel
Flute Dia (mm) 11
Flute Length (mm) 30
Shank Dia (mm) 11
Overall Length (mm) 75
Number of Flutes 4
Series C222