CCA-Solid Carbide Center Drill Type A-BSW

  1. Carbide Center Drill Bits are used for General Centering process for wide range of materials
  2. These Carbide Center Drill Bits have Better Life & productivity in comparison to HSS Co drill bits, 
  3. These Carbide Drill Bits are manufactured in Type A in both BSW & Metric sizes
  4. These Carbide Drill Bits are manufactured with TiALN or FUTURA or TIN or other Harder coating(s) on request
  5. These Carbide Drill bits are Good for large batch production.

Item Variants

Item Code type Overall Length (inch only)
CR1XCA00010 BS1 1+1/2

CR1XCA00036 BS3 2

CR1XCA00069 BS4 2+1/4