HSS Tools

At, Rohit Industries we are take special care in manufacturing the HSS Tools from the finest quality raw materials procured from the best High Speed Steel Mills in the World. We are manufacturing High Speed Steel (HSS) Tools in various materials like HSS M2, M35, M42, T42 and other grades like powder metallurgical grades like ASP30.

We take special care of these tools and do the heat treatment of these tools in our state of the art in-house heat treatment facilities which ensures that our customers get the best quality High Speed Steel tools.

Since the inception of our organization we have added various tools in our product range and they are enlisted below, you can click any of these links below to get to the details of the tools and their stock status and pricing.

We are manufacturing HSS Tools like:
  1. Square Tool Bits
  2. Rectangular Tool Bits or Knovoid Blades
  3. Parting Tools or Cut of Blades
  4. Round Tool Bits or Drill Blanks or Blanks for Taps
  5. Machine Taps
  6. Drill
  7. Piercing Punches
  8. End MIll